10 Emergency Items You Need with You at Prom

The week of prom has arrived – you have your gorgeous modest prom dress, the perfect shoes, and all your accessories, including your lovely clutch purse. Before you head out the door to prom night, though, you might want to consider some items you shouldn’t leave the house without.

Two Piece Navy Blue Red Lace Silk Modest Prom Dress
A gorgeous modest prom dress may be the most important feature of your big night, but it certainly isn’t the only one!

Although clutches aren’t made to hold a lot, here are ten items you’ll definitely want with you for your big night:

  • An extra pair of sheer nylons (even if you aren’t wearing any, you never know who might need an extra pair in an emergency).
  • Safety pins are the unsung heroes of many a dress crisis, even when it comes to alarming events like a broken zipper or ripped seem.
  • A sewing kit with large-eye needles and thread the color of your dress in addition to a neutral color like beige. Our dresses are made to be worn many times, but it’s always better than to be safe than sorry.
  • Extra hair pins and travel-size hair spray in case your hairdo needs some extra hold.
  • Clear nail polish to prevent nylon runs from worsening.
  • A nail file in case you or a friend breaks a nail.
  • Travel size deodorant (it’s ok to be nervous at prom!).
  • A sanitary pad in case you or your bestie gets a “surprise” on the big night.
  • Bandages in various sizes in case you or a friend get a blister or have another unforeseen event.
  • Breath mints (just in case your night ends in a goodnight kiss!).