6) Skip Professional Photos

Why spend money on professional photos when you and your friends can capture the moment for free? Prom photos can be fun, but why spend money on just a couple shots when you can capture the big night yourself?

Classic Prom Photo

Classic prom shots are cute, but are they worth $20?

7) Drink Water

When it comes to your beauty regime, water is your best friend. Aim to consistently drink 6-8 glasses a day for a month before prom. Water will flush toxins out of your system, hydrate your skin and help clear up any acne issues you may have.

8) Avoid New Facial Products, Masks & Facials

The idea of stepping up your skin care routine may seem appealing, but the weeks leading up to prom aren’t the time to experiment with new products or facials. Don’t risk a bad reaction to a new product or a facial in pursuit of prom perfection.

9) Smile Your Nerves Away

We all know prom can be nerve wracking. Research has shown that smiling can trick your brain into feeling happier and more relaxed. Nervous about the night? Smile and you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed and happier in no time!

10) Skip the Salon

With thousands of hair and makeup tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube, there’s no reason you (or you and a friend) can’t create the perfect look yourself. So, skip the salon, save yourself time and money and get your glam on at home!

Detail of Back of Hope Navy Blue Beaded Modest Prom Dress with Sleeves

Even the most complicated hair styles can be conquered with a tutorial and the help of a friend!