20 Cute & Easy Modest Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are falling, there’s a crispness in the air and Halloween is just around the corner! We hope, despite Covid, that you’re able to go out and have some fun. We all deserve it! 2020 has been a year for the record books, and not in a positive way!

So, whether you’re having a family Halloween party or your state is relaxing social distancing, Happy Halloween! We hope it’s a great one!

1. Belle

Belle Modest Halloween Costume
Who doesn’t love Disney’s brainiest princess? Add a simple white tee, apron and bow to a cute blue midi dress, like this one from Pink Desert and you’ll be all set!

2. Rosie the Riveter

Rosie Riveter Halloween Costume
Not only does this costume celebrate the female heroes of WW2, it’s also quite simple: all you need is blue jeans, a button up navy blouse and a red hair kerchief!

3. Bat

Modest Bat Halloween Costume
Can you believe this cute bat costume only takes ten minutes to make? Read this quick tutorial for a costume that’s as easy as it is cute.

4. Pretty Pretty Princess

Arianna Pink Tulle Modest Prom Dress with Sleeves
Looking to reuse an old modest prom dress? Simply add a crown or tiara and you’re all set!

5. Slice of Pizza

Pizza Modest Halloween Costume
This costume is as cute as it easy to make! Simply cut and paint the cardboard triangles, add a black tee and leggings and you’re good to go!

6. Mummy

Mummy Halloween Costume
Have an old white bed sheet that’s seen better days? Simply rip it into strips and you have yourself a cute and spooky costume!

7. Bunch of Grapes

Bunch of Grapes Modest Halloween Costume
Looking for a costume that’s cheap, easy and way cute? All you need is some purple balloons, some green paper for leaves, some tape, black leggings and a tee!

8. Cactus

DIY Cactus Costume
For this adorable costume, all you’ll need is a green dress, some yarn, a head band, and some paper. Check out the tutorial here for complete instructions.

9. Butterfly Snapchat Filter

Butterfly Snapchat Filter Modest Halloween Costume
We love this simple yet adorable costume from Emily of the Modest Goddess. Click here for more information on how she put together her cute and original costume!

10. Strawberry

Strawberry Halloween Costume
Have a modest red dress sitting in your closet? Simply add some white “seeds” by adding teardrop-shaped paper cutouts, along with a green “stem” hat, which can be made out of either paper or foam.

11. Surgeon

Woman Surgical Costume
If you’re looking to capture the spirit of 2020, what better way to do it than by wearing a costume that includes a mask? Even better, disposable scrubs start at around $8.00!

12. Chill Pill

DIY Chill Pill Costume
If you’re really looking to poke some fun at 2020, you can’t go wrong by dressing as a chill pill – something we’ve all doubtlessly needed from time to time during the pandemic. All you need is a top and skirt of different colors, black felt to cut out the word “chill” and you’re good to go!

13. Brainstorm

Brainstorm DIY Costume
Having trouble thinking of a great costume? Maybe you just need to brainstorm!

14, It’s Raining Men

DIY Raining Men Costume
This adorable and original costume is completely self-explanatory: simply raid your closet, grab an umbrella and print off pictures of some of your favorite celebs!

15. Miss Universe Costume

Miss Universe Costume
We’re in stiches over this “punny” costume by Living After Midnite. Simply take your favorite little black dress, add heels, cut out the planets, adhere them to your dress, add a sash and tiara and you have a costume that’s sure to have your friends laughing!

16. Renaissance Lady

Renaissance Lady Costume
Don’t have time for a DIY costume this year? Cute and modest Renaissance costumes like this one go for about $30 on Amazon.

17. Morton Salt Girl

Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume
We love this cute, easy and creative costume by Moni.Carpediem – just be sure to watch your sodium intake for the night!

18. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Modest Women Costume
Who’s afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? Not us! We love this simple but cute take on Little Red Riding Hood by Simply Allison. All you need is a red cape, a basket, and a simple outfit from your wardrobe and you’re good to go!

19. Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz

Dorthy Women Costume
Another great option if you’re short on time is this adorable Dorthy costume from Amazon, which starts at just $29.99! Worried you don’t have ruby slippers? Take a pair of shoes that has seen better days and simply spray paint them red!

20. Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer Costume
We love this “punny” costume from Katy Magazine – it’s simple, funny and doesn’t break the bank!