8 Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is officially in full swing and while there’s so much fun to be had, rising temperatures and UV rays can prove challenging to any girl’s beauty routine. Read on for eight beauty tips to help you beat the heat!


Hydration is key for cooling your body and protecting it from the taxation of extra sunshine. As you dehydrate from perspiring, your body temperature rises so it is essential you maintain your fluids by drinking plenty of water. Water serves more than just to cool your body, it aids in keeping your skin smooth by erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Forget sun parched skin and hair and breeze through summer by guzzling some aqua from a stylish water bottle!

Swell Opal Marble Water Bottle

What better way to keep hydrated than with a chic water bottle?

Foundation to Beat the Heat

This foundation by CoverGirl includes sunscreen and will protect your lovely face from the sun! It also offers wonderful coverage that blends into your skin tone with moisturizing benefits.

You can also use a setting spray as a finishing touch and also throughout the day. A setting spray not only hydrates your skin, but keeps your makeup from melting off. Not only will it cool you skin, but it will also give your make up a long-lasting look.

Lipgloss from Melted Lipstick

This DIY is a great way to save those forgotten lipsticks and chapsticks accidentally left baking in your car! Turn this rescue into a fun activity with your friends. You can also purchase chapstick with SPF to protect those lovely lips from getting burned. Supergoop Lip Balm provides 30 SPF and goes on smoothly to alleviate chapped lips.

Make Your Own Lipstick DIY

Sunscreen up!

You may love the sun, but your skin definitely does not! When the melanin in your skin turns a lovely bronze this is actually a sign of cellular change in your skin as it tries to defend itself against the sun’s rays. When purchasing a sunscreen, focus more on “broad spectrum” rather than the SPF number. Broad spectrum sunscreen covers both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Get it here on Amazon for $6.44

Stay Cool with Aloe

Hello burn relief! If you can’t resist laying out and happen to get your tan a little “well-done,” using aloe vera is an excellent way to naturally soothe your skin. Aloe vera acts as an anti-inflammatory, relieves achy muscles and reduces pain in rashes and burns. Find it here on Amazon for $9.95

Don That Darling Hat!

Nothing says summer like an adorable hat! Cute hats not only create a chill vibe to complete your summer look but also shade your beautiful skin from soaking up too many of the sun’s rays.

Fedora Down East Hat

This adorable fedora from DownEast will keep you shaded in style!

Highlights au Naturale

Use the sun to your advantage and highlight your hair without damaging it. Treat your hair with a simple mixture of coconut oil, lemon juice, water, and salt before hitting the beach or the pool to achieve a gorgeous, natural look. If you want to protect your hair to keep your luscious locks looking healthy and shiny, protect your hair further with leave-in conditioner.