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Virtuous Prom is an ecumenical company that specializes in custom made modest prom and wedding dresses for women of all backgrounds and modesty needs.

Cute Spring Modest Dresses

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For anyone who has survived the recent polar vortex, this winter has felt far too long and far too cold! So, to get you in the mood for spring (as if you already aren't!), here are spring's cutest modest dresses that will have you wishing the spring thaw would happen yesterday.

Modest Prom Trends: Sequins & Lace

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Sequins and lace are always in style; this year more so than ever! Here are some of our favorite styles, from romantic lace gowns to glamorous sequin dresses. Not exactly what you're looking for? Drop us a line! We love working with our customers to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind custom work!

Modest Prom Dresses Under $200

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Looking for a gorgeous, modest prom dress is never easy, especially when you're on a budget. This year, we're pleased to bring you many new styles under $200. On a slightly tighter budget? We also have some lovely modest prom dresses under $100.

Modest Prom Dresses Under $100

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Looking for a gorgeous, modest prom dress under $100! You're in luck! We are pleased to feature seven beautiful styles, ranging from tea-length to full length, in dozens of gorgeous colors. Even better, many of our dresses have a turn around time of two weeks or less, so if you need your dress in a hurry, we've got you covered!

Introducing Our Newest Modest Formal “Chloe”

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Just in time for holiday parties, we're pleased to introduce our newest modest formal, "Chloe." At only $130, this gorgeous gown is the perfect choice for your bridal party, or even your next modest prom dress.

How Do I Order a Vintage Reproduction Gown?

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One of the things we love best at Virtuous Prom is creating beautiful, vintage reproduction gowns that bring the past to life. To help you through the process of ordering your very own vintage reproduction, we’ve created this helpful guide. So, whether you’re in need of the perfect modest prom dress or the modest wedding dress of your dreams, here are the steps you’ll walk through as you go from inspiration to wearing the vintage-inspired dress you’ve always dreamed of.

In Search of True Modesty

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As Creative Director for Virtuous Prom, I am, more or less, the final decision maker on whether a certain style makes it to our website. While I love most aspects of my job, being the arbiter of modesty is an endlessly frustrating position...

7 Bridal Trends You’ll Love

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We all know that shopping for the perfect, modest wedding dress is the most fun (and most pressurized) part of planning your big day. So, whether you're buying your modest wedding dress off the rack or designing your own custom, modest gown, here are seven bridal trends to inspire you as you create your perfect bridal look.

Finding the Hope of Heaven

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At once, it seems heaven is all around us, yet nowhere within sight. Singers croon about finding heaven in their lover's arms, bombs explode on TV. We open sacred pages and read the promise of paradise, but no matter how lovingly we shut that volume, it seems we are slammed back into the reality of this world, which is all too often more hell than heaven.

Simply Divine: Heavenly Must Have Beauty Products

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This summer we had the pleasure of collaborating with many wonderful beauty brands for our temple and baptismal dress photo shoot. For the shoot, we aimed to create an all natural, radiant look that can be worn both for special occasions like prom, or toned down for everyday wear. So, without further ado, here are our favorite, must have beauty products!

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