The Best & Worst Wedding Dresses from TV & The Movies

We had so much fun with our “The Best & Worst Prom Dresses from TV & The Movies” that we thought you’d enjoy a similar post celebrating the best and worst wedding dresses the screen has to offer.

The Best Wedding Dresses

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Catching Fire Wedding Dress
Katniss Everdeen’s would-be wedding dress from Catching Fire is unique, gorgeous and completely befits this strong and inspirational heroine.
The Royal Couple Exit the Chapel
When Mary Queen of Scots from TV’s Reign walked down the aisle, she looked every inch the queen she was.
Lady Mary Crawley Wedding Dress Downton Abbey
Although Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey’s dress may be slightly dated, her 1920’s gown is still absolutely stunning!
Fleur Delacour Harry Potter Wedding Dress
Fleur Delacour’s wedding gown from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is as unique as it is striking and dare we say, even a touch magical?
Marni Wedding Dress Girls Season Six
Marni from Girl’s chose a classic yet gorgeous boho gown for her walk down the aisle.
Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement Anne Hathaway Wedding Dress
When Anne Hathaway said her vows in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, she looked every bit the princess she is.
Audrey Hepburn Funny Face Modest Wedding Dress
Audrey Hepburn’s gorgeous, Givenchy tulle and satin wedding dress made for the film Funny Face was an instant classic and helped Hepburn earn her rightful place as one of the greatest fashion icons of the 20th century.
Emma Once Upon Time Grace Kelly Inspired Wedding Dress
The only thing dreamier than the groom in Emma’s wedding to Hook in Once Upon a Time was Emma’s gorgeous, Grace Kelly inspired wedding dress. 
Bella Wedding Dress Twilight Breaking Down
Simple and elegant, this gorgeous gown from Twilight: Breaking Dawn suits Bella just as much as Edward does!
Muriels Real Life Wedding Dress
When Muriel from Muriel’s Wedding  finally does tie the knot after years of obsession, we have to say the dress she wears is quite striking and modest too!
Buttercup Princess Bride Movie Wedding Dress
Although this gorgeous wedding gown only appears in dream sequences in The Princess Bride, we still think it’s a gorgeous and romantic gown fit for a queen.

The Worst Wedding Dresses

Amy Farrah Fowler Modest Wedding Dress Big Bang Theory
We adore Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory, but this very modest wedding dress definitely proves less is sometimes more.
Jennifer Aniston Wedding Dress Pilot Friends Episode
Jennifer Aniston looks almost gorgeous in everything, but this wedding dress from the first episode of Friends is a definite pass!
Lillian Ridiculous Wedding Dress Bridesmaids
Of all the funny moments in Bridesmaids, the reveal of Lillian’s “couture” wedding gown definitely takes the cake.
We love Love Actually, but we’re sorry, Kiera, we have no love for this feathered gown.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Modest Wedding Dress
When My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released nearly twenty years ago, it was an instant classic, although Toula’s wedding dress failed to start any trends, for obvious reasons.
Hillary Banks’ Wedding Dress Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Hillary Banks’ gown from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air may not be fresh, but it’s her headpiece that really has us facepalming.
Betsy Hoppers Weird Eccentric Wedding Gown In Betsys Wedding
Are there words for Betsy Hopper’s getup in “Betsy’s Wedding?”  We’re at a complete loss! Drop us a comment if you have any!
Toni Collette Muriels Wedding Dress Poster
Muriel’s Wedding is one of the best all-time comedies and this dress has us snickering to the side too!
Liz Lemon Princess Leia 30 Rock Wedding Dress
Not only did her Princess Leia costume help 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon try to avoid jury duty, it also served as her wedding dress. We don’t know whether to cringe or applaud her for embracing her inner geek!