The Key to Self-Reflection & Getting That Much-Needed Downtime

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With prom season in full swing and wedding season just beginning, it's a busy time of year for many young ladies and their families. In the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect dress, picking out accessories, organizing schedules and so much more, it's easy to become over-stressed and disaffected. 

Learning the Key to Peace

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 Recently, it has seemed impossible to escape the stifling acts of hatred that plague the United States and other parts of the world. Every day, as we look to our cellphones, computers, or even good old-fashioned newspapers, we are bombarded with negative headlines that display horrific happenings such as the Manchester Arena Attack, the Boston Marathon Bombing, or the Ohio State Knife Attack.

Sociology, the Big Picture Science

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My birthday is September thirteenth. I don’t remember the day I turned six, only that my grandmother’s flight was canceled in the wake of events a few days prior. My recollection of that day, the eleventh, is quite different. It comes to me in fragments, but at times so crystal clear, that I find myself there again; standing barefoot in my family’s living room, a parquet maze of mahogany hues stretching for miles beneath my feet. Everything is so much bigger, so much farther away, and when I turn my head, there they are. The image of two burning buildings on TV.

6 Ways to Jump Start Your Beauty Routine

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Prom and wedding season are both around the corner; and while most of your energy is no doubt focused on finding the modest prom or wedding dress of your dreams, there are other matters to think of as well, such as jump starting your beauty routine in preparation for your big day.

Be Mine: Modest Valentine’s Day Dresses You’ll Love

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but there's still plenty of time to snag one of these heartbreakers!

College Thriftiness & the Art of Winning Daisy’s Heart

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We’re pleased to announce the third finalist for the Karen Hanson Memorial Scholarhip, Lauren Everhart-Deckard, a high school senior who is planning to pursue studies in literature at the undergraduate level next year.

Adventure & Escape: Musings on the Importance of Literature

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We’re pleased to announce the second finalist for the Karen Hanson Memorial Scholarhip, Sophiana VanBuskirk, along with her submission essay.

Let​ ​us​ ​Laugh​ ​at​ ​Death!

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We're pleased to announce the first finalist for the Karen Hanson Memorial Scholarhip, Bryan Bañuelos, along with his submission essay.

Why You Should Start Shopping Now For Prom

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With Winter Break behind you and the school year back full-swing, prom is probably the last thing on your mind. Between New Year’s resolutions and diving back into a regulated daily schedule, it’s easy to lose sight of an event that’s not going to occur until the spring. This may come as a shock, but winter has become one of the most popular times to start shopping for a prom dress.

Loli Prom Dress: The Newest Overseas Prom Dress Scam

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Every year, we try to help educate girls about the perils of ordering their prom dresses from online, counterfeit sources based overseas. It seems like for every website that is exposed as a scam, ten more pop up in its place.

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