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Cute & Comfy Modest Dresses to Get You Through Covid-19

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Now that four out of five Americans are subject to "shelter in place" orders and most of us are subject to mandatory "social distancing" it's safe to assume that most of us are spending time at home... a lot of time at home. In our sweats. Watching Netflix. But, if you're like this fashonista, you're probably also missing the feeling of getting dressed up and going out. So, to help you through our current Covid-19 crisis, we've brought you some cute and comfy modest outfits that give you the comfort of sweats combined with all the cuteness of your regular wardrobe.

The Easy Modesty of Lizzy Slips

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In the past, we've shared with you our favorite modesty slips, but when it comes to making our modest gowns perfectly modest we have a clear favorite: Lizzy Slips by Betsy Couture.

Modest Dresses Sure to Beat the Winter Blues

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Have all these cold, winter days got you down? Here are some cheerful, modest dresses sure to lift your spirits! Even better, they're a great way to start building your spring wardrobe!

Perfect Holiday Dresses

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Still looking for the perfect dress for Christmas or New Year's Eve? Check out these modest beauties - you're sure to find just what you're looking for!

Good-bye, Shabby Apple

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I remember the first time I stumbled upon Shabby Apple. The styles were so cute and I loved that all the dresses had sleeves! It was “modest” meets vintage-inspired, chic perfection!

“Must Have” Fall Modest Dresses

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Have falling leaves and crisp autumn air put you in the mood for fall? Look no further for this season's prettiest modest dresses in gorgeous fall hues!

Modest Back to School Basics You Can’t Miss!

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This season is all about rosy mauves, smoking greys and pops of yellow and blue! Keep reading for some of our favorite picks for your best fall wardrobe yet!

15 “Can’t Miss” Modest Summer Dresses

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Looking for the perfect, modest summer dress? Look no further than these fifteen gorgeous picks you'll sure to love from year to year!

Modesty Slips: The Modesty Hack Every Wardrobe Needs

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Walking the line between modesty and fashion can sometimes feel like a high-wire circus act. The sad truth is, sometimes there are just trends that modest girls can't wear in good faith. Fortunately, the ever growing trend of sheer, often lacy dresses is one you can participate in without compromising your standards. 

Cute Spring Modest Dresses

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For anyone who has survived the recent polar vortex, this winter has felt far too long and far too cold! So, to get you in the mood for spring (as if you already aren't!), here are spring's cutest modest dresses that will have you wishing the spring thaw would happen yesterday.

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