Everything you want to know about finding your perfect modest prom dress, from picking out the perfect style and color to the perfect accessories.

How to Pick the Best Skirt for Your Body Type

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In this post, we'll explore the different body types and how best to flatter them in picking out a skirt style for your modest wedding or prom dress.

(Even More) New Modest Prom Dresses & Formals!

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With Homecoming season just around the corner and Christmas Balls and Prom 2022 not in the too distant future, we're already excited about the world getting more back to normal and helping our customers find the modest dress of their dreams!

Our Newest Modest Prom Dresses

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It may be summer, but we're already dreaming of homecoming and Winter Balls. Here are some of our newest modest formals and prom dresses.

10 Emergency Items You Need with You at Prom

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The week of prom has arrived - you have your gorgeous modest prom dress, the perfect shoes, and all your accessories, including your lovely clutch purse. Before you head out the door to prom night, though, you might want to consider some items you shouldn't leave the house without.

10 Tips on How to Pick Out the Perfect Shoes for Your Prom or Wedding Day

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Anyone who's worn uncomfortable shoes can tell you that good shoes are essential to enjoying your big day - whether it's senior prom or your wedding day. Sure, certain shoes may look beautiful, but if they make you secretly kick them off underneath the table or make you feel like you're walking on knives they're just not worth it! Read on for ten tips that will help your big day be both glamorous and comfortable.

What to do if you Need a Modest Prom Dress Last Minute

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With Covid still hanging over our heads, many proms across the country are being tentatively scheduled, and subject to cancellation without notice. While we at Virtuous Prom would love to supply all of your modest dress needs, we understand that sometimes you need to find a dress last minute. To help you in your quest, here are some of our favorite options for last minute dress shopping.

11 Things Your Dress Maker Wish You Knew

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At Virtuous Prom, it's our number one goal to ensure that each and every one of our customers has the dress of their dreams that makes them feel like a million bucks. Whether you need a dress for Senior Prom or your wedding day, it is our ultimate goal to make sure your dress is everything you've hoped for.

Our Newest Modest Prom & Wedding Dress Styles!

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Our newest modest prom and wedding dress styles have arrived! Read on for a look at our latest beauties!

How to Spot Modest Prom Dress & Formal Counterfeit Websites

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Last week we covered important points on how to spot a counterfeit modest wedding dress. While most of the issues we discussed also apply to spotting a counterfeit modest prom dress, since this is an ever growing issue that affects thousands of young women every prom season, we thought it was worth publishing an article dedicated solely to spotting a counterfeit modest prom dress website.

Hats Off to Increased Diversity in Modest Fashion

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Since we began Virtuous Prom, having diversity in our models has always been important, from ethnic diversity to showing women with curves.

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