Everything you want to know about finding your perfect modest prom dress, from picking out the perfect style and color to the perfect accessories.

What if It Doesn’t Fit? Your Guide to Ordering a Custom Gown

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We understand that while ordering a custom made dress can be convenient for many girls, it can also be intimidating, especially if you've never measured yourself before. While we hope our testimonial page helps put your mind at ease, we also wanted to address some of the most common concerns customers have when ordering their dresses.

6 Ways to Jump Start Your Beauty Routine

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Prom and wedding season are both around the corner; and while most of your energy is no doubt focused on finding the modest prom or wedding dress of your dreams, there are other matters to think of as well, such as jump starting your beauty routine in preparation for your big day.

Why You Should Start Shopping Now For Prom

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With Winter Break behind you and the school year back full-swing, prom is probably the last thing on your mind. Between New Year’s resolutions and diving back into a regulated daily schedule, it’s easy to lose sight of an event that’s not going to occur until the spring. This may come as a shock, but winter has become one of the most popular times to start shopping for a prom dress.

Loli Prom Dress: The Newest Overseas Prom Dress Scam

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Every year, we try to help educate girls about the perils of ordering their prom dresses from online, counterfeit sources based overseas. It seems like for every website that is exposed as a scam, ten more pop up in its place.

Even More Ways to Customize Your Modest Prom or Wedding Dress

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This fall, we're pleased to announce new ways to customize your modest prom or wedding dress with the introduction of two new textiles to choose from. In addition to the fabrics we've offered for years, such as chiffon, tulle, taffeta, and sequins, we now offer two new, luxurious options: velvet and and duchess satin!

Timeless Elegance in Duchess Satin

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Looking for a modest prom dress that is simple, elegant and timeless? Look no further than our stunning new style, Clarissa. This gorgeous gown features simple, elegant lines beautifully realized in duchess satin.

Chiffon & Lace: Modest Prom Perfection

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Prom is just around the corner, and it's never too soon to start looking for your perfect, modest prom dress! Last year, we made this gorgeous style as a custom, modest prom dress and loved it so much that we're introducing it as one of our regular styles. 

Sequin Do’s & Dont’s: How to Wear Sequins Right

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We all love the shimmer and shine of sequins, but sometimes sequins don't love us back, creating unflattering and bulky silhouettes. Read on for more info on how to wear sequins well so you shine!

Homecoming Coverups: How to Stay Warm without Giving Fashion the Cold Shoulder

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Homecoming is just around the corner. You've found your perfect, modest homecoming dress, bought your shoes and accessories, but now the temperatures may dip on the big night. You want to stay warm, but the thought of covering up your beautiful dress with a bulky coat makes you cringe! What to do? Here are some fun, fashion forward options that will both compliment your look and keep you warm!

Belle’s 2017 Updo Hair Tutorial

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Love the look of Emma Watson's updo in the ballgown scene of Beauty & the Beast? Here's how to recreate her gorgeous look in a few easy steps using our gold leaf bun holder.

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