Counterfeit Modest Prom Dress Websites

As prom night nears, there’s probably nothing more pressing on your mind that finding the perfect dress. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there selling counterfeit goods. So, to help you navigate these treacherous waters, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular counterfeit modest prom dress websites.

AliExpress – One telltale sign of a counterfeit website, is one that removes the original watermark from the product picture, such as this example from an original LatterDay Bride Dress:

AliExpress Counterfeit Modest Prom Dress Picture

DHGate – Curious about ordering from this website? Check out these reviews!

Dorris Wedding – This review really says it all: After purchasing this modest wedding dress from Dorris Wedding, the bride received this:

I gave them my custom measurements and it didn’t fit. The pattern was made to fit a much shorter woman, they just added fabric to the bottom to make it taller. This put the mermaid angle cut that is suppose to be at the knees at my thighs/buttocks. I have to get it altered for sure.

Dress Afford – One of the tell-tale signs of a counterfeit website, is a variety of photography styles, many of which are unprofessional selfies. In the case of Dress Afford, their piracy is easier to spot because they’ve stolen a modest prom image from an Etsy store name CJBridal.

Etsy Red Modest Prom Dress


JJ’s House – Unsure about JJ’s House? Read this review:

I hope this will information will help.
My best friend asked me to be in his wedding and asked all the bridesmaids to wear white.  He and his fiancée chose JJSHOUSE due to the variety and lower price-point.  I will say that I did not read any reviews before I ordered my dress as I too am planning my wedding and am on a time crunch for both events.
When you order the dress they MAKE you pay an additional $17 to $20 for expedited shipping which they say will arrive with 6 to 8 business days.  30+ days later I received a terrible dress that looks nothing like the dress, nor is it White.  This dress has a blueish grey tinge… the quality is so cheap… It’s empire wasted. I would NEVER wear an empire waist dress.  Plus you can see the dried glue from where they glued on a rubber strip as a means to support this dress being described as strapless.
I was surprised to find no RETURN information in the box so I contacted them online.  They responded that at best they could refund me 40% of the amount of a 50% future credit…(as if I would EVER order from them again).  They ask for photos and then they decide if the dress deserves refund.  This is outright theft, fraud and a scam.  I am so hurt, mortified, and distraught by this entire fiasco.

June Bridals – Looking for proof that this site is a scam too? Look no further than the fact that they too have pirated the same Etsy dress as Dress Afford.

U Center Dress –  If you’re unsure if a dress sells knockoff dresses, another way to find out is to search their reviews. In the case of U Center Dress, their reviews indicate that:

After investigating, it has been discovered that this website is from Asia and they sell formal dresses that are not from the original designer, but copies that they make based upon a picture. uCenterDress has been added to our Do Not Buy list. They are illegally selling one or more dress lines using the manufacturers pictures or pictures from actual people without their permission. These dresses are imitations and not authentic from the actual designer. Buyer beware!