Cute Spring Modest Dresses (That Will Make You Wish Winter Was Over)

For anyone who has survived the recent polar vortex, this winter has felt far too long and far too cold! So, to get you in the mood for spring (as if you already aren’t!), here are spring’s cutest modest dresses that will have you wishing the spring thaw would happen yesterday.


White Floral Modest Downeast Dress

Surplice Bodice Maxi Dress by Downeast, $49.99


Baby Blue Modest Dress

The Joan by Neesee’s Dresses, $44.99


Coral Modest Overall Dress

The Averi Overall Dress by Neesee’s Dresses, $49.99


Blue Lace Collared Modest Dress

Piper Dusty Blue Collared Lace Dress by DM Fashion, $69.00


Shabby Apple Floral Maxi Dress

Amalfi Dress by Shabby Apple, $130.00


Mikarose Blue Floral Dress

Mindi Dress by Mikarose Clothing, $56.99


Black White Striped Modest Dress

Christy Dress by Mikarose Clothing, $54.99


Jen Clothing Tiffany Blue Modest Dress

Olivia Modest Bridesmaids Dress by Jen Clothing, $79.99


Blue Lace Modest Dress

The Marcela by Neesee’s Dresses, $94.99


Striped Floral Modest Dress

Sidewalk Stroll Dress by Dainty Jewell’s, $68.95


Striped Floral Modest Midi Dress

Striped Floral Modest Dress available at Amazon, $21.99


Plum Pleated Modest Dress

The Molly Pleats Dress by Neesee’s Dresses, $59.99


White Lace Floral Hem Modest Dress

Kate White Lace Dress with Painted Flowers by DM Fashion, $84.99


Green Floral Modest Dress

Nessa Modest Dress in Emerald avilable at Amazon, $61.99