Where are your dresses made?

Our dresses are handmade in the US, Ukraine, Russia, Dubai and China. We have a close, personal relationship with all our vendors and can personally attest to the excellent work environment in which our dresses are produced and the meticulous care with which they are made, both at home and abroad.

I’ve ordered things online and what I saw was not what I got. How can I know that won’t happen with your product?

At Virtuous Prom, all of our photos are taken by our own photographers, with our own models, of our own product. With us, what you see is what you get!

We know shopping online can be difficult and a lot of sites that look reputable simply aren’t – but you need to know what to look for! Here’s a quick resource we’ve compiled to help you safely shop online: A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Avoid Scamming.

I need my dress, like, now! Is there any way to rush shipping?

If you need your dress in a hurry, just let us know. We will do everything we can do ensure you get your dress in time. Simply send us a message from our “Contact Us” page and we will do our absolute best!

Will my dress need alterations?

Despite our best efforts, sometimes dresses do need slight alterations, especially if the dress is intended to be very form fitting. If you encounter an issue with your dress, please do reach out to us – we’re always happy to do whatever we can to make it right!