Finding the Hope of Heaven

An Exploration of Sacred Female Bonds

At once, it seems heaven is all around us, yet nowhere within sight. Singers croon about finding heaven in their lover’s arms, bombs explode on TV. We open sacred pages and read the promise of paradise, but no matter how lovingly we shut that volume, it seems we are slammed back into the reality of this world, which is all too often more hell than heaven.

And yet, there is so much heaven here and now – the beauty of creation and glory of nature, the miracle of a child’s smile, the perfect peace of loving arms as they embrace. There is so much light and goodness, but instead of it being a giant cedar that soars over us into the heavens with its strength and greatness speaking of battles of good over evil long passed – instead of living in the Age of Light and Goodness, it seems instead we are still trying to foster the sampling, protect the transplant, and guard the vine.

Each day, this task demands our entire self and our every, real choice. Will we choose Evil or Good? Will we choose Heaven or Hell? And, most insidious, sometimes we find ourselves wondering what it really matters at all.

Throughout my life, I have found solace and inspiration through words, whether they’re from the Scriptures, C.S. Lewis, or simple words spoken on the Sabbath. In approaching this project, however, I sought to inspire with photographs.

I sought to rudimentarily answer, What will Heaven be like? Whom will we find there? What will it feel like to be clean and pure, reunited with those we have loved with our whole hearts?

In doing so, I hope to encourage, to lighten the load of the Heavy Heart and to give a brief glimpse into the Hope of Heaven.


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