Getting to Know Natali from Peri Couture

This year we’ve had the great luck of teaming up with Peri Couture, based out of Kyiv, Ukraine. Peri Couture specializes is custom-made wedding dresses. We have found everything about them to be incredibly impressive, from their extremely high standards of construction to the incredible range of inspiration that head designer and owner Natali draws on.

Natali Peri Couture Work Creative Process
Natali hard at work discussing her latest creation

Recently, we had an opportunity to talk with Natali and get to know her and her love of design more.

When did you first develop a passion for fashion and design?

We grew up at a time when there was a shortage of beautiful and high-quality clothes, and it was then, looking at ugly sweaters and jeans, that the thought came to my mind that these things needed to be altered and redesigned.

What drew you to design wedding dresses?

For me, a wedding is a mystery of feelings. And it is very important on this exciting day to feel confidence and support in the dress in which your loved one will remember you for life.

Natali Peri Couture Husband Alexander Modest Wedding Dress
Natali with her husband and business partner, Alexander

Where do you find inspirations for your gowns?

I love nature as much as the mannerist artists loved them. It always inspires me.

Your styles tend to be very modest. What draws you to more modest styles?

Modesty and laconicism conceals a meaning that is lost in chic and splendor.

How would you describe your personal style?

This is the style of love❤️.

Are there any current fashion trends that you you are excited about?

No. Now is a very interesting time to watch the changes.

Besides having our masks match our outfits, do you see other ways that Covid may have changed fashion?

COVID hasn’t brought much change to the fashion industry. I think the climate problem will change fashion more in the coming years.

Natali Peri Couture ModQest Wedding Dress Dark Forest
Natali in one of her gorgeous modest wedding dresses, posing in front of the stunning woods of Ukraine

If you could meet any style icon or designer, dead or alive, who would it be?

Alexander McQueen

If you could tell us anything else about your passion for design, what would it be?

The only design passion for me is black.

Natali Peri Couture Blue Modest Wedding Dress Beach
Natali’s unique and elegant designs reflect her passion for nature and art