Hats Off to Increased Diversity in Modest Fashion

Since we began Virtuous Prom, having diversity in our models has always been important, from ethnic diversity to showing women with curves.

Aurora Purple Modest Prom Dress with Sleeves
This gorgeous photo of our “Aurora” dress comes from one of our first ever photo shoots!

Although 2020 as been a trying and often tragic year, there are some good things that have risen like a phoenix from this year’s ashes. One of them is an increased demand for equality, especially when it comes to advertising and who we see modeling the clothes being marketed to us.

Left and right, companies are reviewing the way they use logos and portray “beauty” (as if it came in one single, height, weight and skin tone). Brands from Mrs. Butterworth’s and Uncle Ben’s Rice to Aunt Jemima to Eskimo Pies are all either changing their logos or announcing reviews of them.

And then, of course, there’s the biggest change of them all so far: The Redskins Football team of Washington DC is officially changing its name after decades of pressure to do so.

Fashion has always been notoriously slow to change, but with statues of “heroes” of ages past, now widely recognized as racist and misogynistic, being toppled worldwide, so too have Fashion’s long held ideas of beauty toppled.

Recently, we’ve noticed an increased diversity in the world of modest fashion and today we’d like to applaud those companies who are taking a stand on representing beauty in all its forms.


Downeast Rust Modest Lace A Line Dress Half Sleeves
One of our all-time favorite boutiques is Downeast, so it’s all the more thrilling to see them increase their diversity as well! 

Jen Clothing

Jen Clothing Olive Green Maxi Dress Sleeves
Jen Clothing has been featuring diverse models longer than most modest fashion companies, and for that they have an extra measure of our respect!

Latterday Bride

LatterdayBride Lace Fit Flare Modest Wedding Dress
Latterday Bride is one of the oldest and most established names in the modest wedding world, which is one of the reasons we’re so pleased to include them in this shoutout! 
Latterday Bride Simple V Neck Modest Wedding Dress Sleeves
We are thankful to Latterday Bride for providing examples of beauty to women of all shapes, sizes, and hues.


Navy White Stripe Modest Dress Pockets ModestPop
Another one of our favorite companies is Modestpop and we’re thrilled to applaud them as well! 

Neesee’s Dresses

GoldenRod Polka Dot Smocked Modest Dress Neesees Dresses
Neesee’s Dresses has a seemingly endless parade of cute, modest dresses and now we can see them modeled by a diverse range of beauty as well!

Nest Boutique

Nest Boutique Blue Floral Modest Midi Dress Sleeves
We love the aesthetic of Nest and we’re so glad to see them increase in diversity as well! 

Pretty In Pink Bowtique

Pretty In Pink Bowtique Knit Turquoise White Striped Modest Midi Dress
Congrats to Pretty in Pink Bowtique on recognizing beauty comes in all sizes! 


Q.Noor Lace LDS Tample Dress
Q.Noor has always been dedicated to diversity and for that they have our great admiration!

Sweet Salt Clothing

Sweet Salt Clothing Floral Midi Modest Dress Peter Pan Collar
Sweet Salt Clothing features their designs with grace, beauty and all the exquisiteness of diversity.

Tara Lynn’s Boutique

Tara Lynn's Boutique Sunset Maxi Modest Dress Sleeves
Tara Lynn’s gorgeous dresses are only outmatched by their commitment to portraying beauty in all its forms!

Twirl Dress Boutique

Twirl Dresses Blue White Modest Midi Polka Dot Dress
Twirl Dress Boutique has a range of gorgeous dresses, from casual to formal, and they now feature a range of models as well!