How Do I Order a Vintage Reproduction Gown?

How Do I Order a Vintage Reproduction Gown?

One of the things we love best at Virtuous Prom is creating beautiful, vintage reproduction gowns that bring the past to life. To help you through the process of ordering your very own vintage reproduction, we’ve created this helpful guide. So, whether you’re in need of the perfect modest prom dress or the modest wedding dress of your dreams, here are the steps you’ll walk through as you go from inspiration to wearing the vintage-inspired dress you’ve always dreamed of.

Emmaline Vintage Inspired Green Modest Prom Dress

We absolutely love vintage fashion and can’t wait to help you bring the dress of your dreams back to life!

Your Vintage Inspiration

The process of making a vintage-inspired gown begins, of course, with your inspiration. Whether you’re inspired by a pin on your Pinterest board, a vintage pattern, or your grandmother’s wedding dress, we can help turn your dream into reality. Often times, we get multiple pictures with notes like, “sleeves from dress #1, skirt like dress #2…” and so on. Other times, we simply get a single picture with a list of modifications that need to be made to increase modesty. Whatever your inspiration is, we’re happy to help!

Black Lace Beaded Duchess Satin Vintage Inspired Modest Formal Prom Dress

This gorgeous formal was inspired by a vintage Vogue pattern!

During this initial phase, we’ll also discuss your timeline so we can schedule your dress accordingly.

Discussing Your Dress with Our Designers

Once you’ve shared your  vintage “dresspiration” with us, we’ll then speak with you about how best to realize your design.

Unfortunately, we cannot replicate every design or idea, so during this step we’ll speak with you about how your design can best be brought to life. During this phase, we’ll talk about different textiles that can be used, lace designs and other such details.

Finalizing Your Design

Once we’ve discussed every detail of your vintage-inspired dress,  from the color to the fabric, the detailing to the style of lace we’ll use and everything in between, we’ll finalize your design. For more complicated orders we will often submit a checklist for your approval before we move forwards. During this step, we will also give you a list of measurements we’ll need to make sure your dress fits like a glove! Before we proceed with making your dress, we always double check your measurements to ensure to the best of our ability that they are accurate.

Placing Your Order

After we’ve finalized your design, we will send you a PayPal invoice for your vintage-inspired gown. Once payment is received, we can begin work on your gown. When your gown is finished, we will message you with your tracking information.

Don’t forget – if you have any questions during the process or after you’ve received your dress, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our customer service doesn’t stop upon delivery of your gown!