How to Pick the Perfect Petticoat for Your Modest Wedding Dress

The perfect petticoat or slip is a bridal accessory that’s often overlooked, but it can easily make or break your dream bridal look. Read on for tips on how to achieve the bridal look of your dreams!

A-Line Dresses

A-line wedding dresses can range in fullness. For a more subtle hint of fullness, try a slip like our Willow Slip.

Anne Tznius Champagne White Lace Modest Wedding Dress Eiffel Tower
Our “Anne” modest wedding dress has a slight amount of volume provided by our “Willow Slip.”
Willow A Line White Bridal Petticoat Slip Ballerina
Our “Willow Slip” is the perfect a-line slip if you’re looking for a subtle amount of volume added to your wedding dress.

If you’re looking for slightly more fullness for your a-line skirt, our Belle Slip offers more “poof” and, even better, the hoop is fully adjustable to your desired fullness.

Bridget Lace Modest Wedding Dress
Our “Bridget” modest wedding dress features our “Belle Slip” underneath.
Belle A-line Petticoat Slip
Our “Belle Slip” provides a flexible amount of fullness with its fully adjustable hoop.

Ballgown Dresses

Ballgown wedding dresses can range in fullness. We’re happy to offer three different options to help you fulfill your desired fullness!

White Satin Taffeta Wedding Dress 3D Beaded Lace Sleeves
Our “Fleur” modest wedding dress has a fuller, ballgown skirt that would be complimented either by our three hoop, four hoop or our six hoop slips.
Amber Three Hoop Petticoat in White
Our three-hoop “Amber” petticoat provides a flexible amount of fullness with its three adjustable hoops.
Four Hoop Ruffle Petticoat Slip Ballerina
Our four hoop slip “Rosalie” provides a beautiful amount of fullness and volume to any ballgown skirt.
Augusta Six Hoop Petticoat
Augusta is our six-hoop petticoat and all six hoops are fully adjustable, which allows you to control the volume of your skirt!

Mermaid or Fit & Flare Dresses

Mermaid skirts (also known as “Fit & Flare”) can range in fullness and may require different levels of volume to achieve your desired result.

Heather Modest Ivory LaceWedding Dress
Our modest wedding dress “Heather” features a slight “mermaid” or “fit and flare” skirt.
Ariel Fit and Flare Petticoat
Our gorgeous “Ariel Slip” provides maximum fullness for mermaid skirts, with its firm tulle and flexible hoop.
White Bridal Mermaid Petticoat Slip.1
Our “Nicole Slip” has less volume than our “Ariel Slip” and is the perfect choice for dresses that require less volume.

Dresses with Trains

Depending on the length of your train, you may require one of the two slips we offer.

Back Train Ivory Taffeta Modest Wedding Dress Bodice Lace Appliques
If your dress has a train like our “Eve” dress, a petticoat with a train is a definite must!
Yvonne White Bridal Long Petticoat Slip Train Ballerina
Our “Yvonne Slip” provides the perfect amount of fullness for a skirt with large train.
White Fit & Flare Petticoat Train
Our “Hannah Slip” provides fullness to trains of smaller sizes.

Tea-Length Dresses

Tea-length dresses are a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding! To provide the fullness you’re looking for, we have a gorgeous tea-length petticoat that comes in a range of colors!

Ivory Tea Length Lace Bodice Modest Wedding Dress
Looking for a more casual tea-length dress like our “Audrey” modest wedding dress? Then a tea-length slip is perfect for you!
Grace Slip
Our “Grace Slip” provides the perfect amount of fullness for tea-length dresses!

Accent Slips

If you’re looking for something a little different for your big day, we offer a wide variety of options, from our “Something Blue Bridal Petticoat” to our “Ombre Slip.”

Something Blue Blue Bridal Wedding Tulle Petticoat Slip
Our “Something Blue” slip comes in a wide variety of blues and can be made with various layers of tulle, depending on the volume you need!
Pink Ombre Wedding Petticoat Slip 2b
Our “Ombre Petticoat” can be made in nearly every color imaginable and in as many layers as you require!