In Search of True Modesty

An Editorial from our Creative Director, Megan MacNeal


As Creative Director for Virtuous Prom, I am, more or less, the final decision maker on whether a certain style makes it to our website. While I love most aspects of my job, being the arbiter of modesty is an endlessly frustrating position, especially as we cater to various religious groups, and non-religious customers who are just looking to be “more covered up.” At times, defining modesty feels very much like nailing down jello – especially as our culture continues to rapidly change and our perceptions of “modesty” shift right alongside it.

Our Philosophy of Modesty

Over the past five years, our “philosophy of modesty” has changed somewhat. Initially, we strove to provide beautiful dresses that eliminated cleavage and had shoulder coverings, but soon we found that there was more of a demand for a full sleeve, and so we shifted our focus to provide our customer base with that option.

Ella Cinderella Inspired Modest Prom Dress

Our “Ella” dress is one of the few dresses we still carry from our very first collection.

Alicia Sequin Modest Prom Dress with Sleeves

Very quickly we switched to offering a full sleeve, as with our “Alicia” dress

Over the years, the modesty needs of our customers have bifurcated between our modest prom dresses and our modest wedding dresses, with our wedding clients generally preferring higher necklines and longer sleeves, and our prom clients preferring shorter sleeves. Lately, there has also been a trend in modest prom fashion towards cap sleeves  (as opposed to full, short sleeves) and slightly more revealing backs. While I personally would not call either of these trends “immodest,” we have been very reticent to embrace them.

Our 2019 Modest Prom Collection

This upcoming season, we are trying out some new, more liberal styles, but not for the reasons you might think. Our upcoming 2019 Modest Prom Collection will feature more cap sleeves, some sheer sleeves, and one or two more revealing (but not plunging) backs.

So, why the shift now? Simply put, we are introducing these styles because we think they more holistically represent true modesty. The new styles we are introducing we are able to offer at much lower prices, and we are thrilled about this!

We have longed maintained that fiscal modesty goes hand in hand with what we more generally term “modesty” (i.e. how much fabric covers one’s skin), and this year we’re thrilled to offer a collection that more truly pursues the heart of modesty, which is to be modest in all things.

We hope you enjoy our new collection as well. Stay tuned in the next few months to see our upcoming styles and let us know what you think!