Measuring Made Easy

We know ordering clothing online can be challenging, even if it’s just a t-shirt. We know ordering online can be even more challenging and nerve wracking for important occasions, such as your prom night or wedding day! For those of you who are considering purchasing your modest prom dress or modest wedding dress through us, we’ve created this helpful measurement guide.

In it, you will find instructions and tips on how to get the best, most accurate measurements possible. When in doubt, please feel free to ask us – we’re always available at and try to respond to all emails within twenty-four hours or less.


Virtuous Prom Measuring Guide

Measuring can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

In addition to our measurement guide, we’d also like to make a couple extra suggestions to help ensure that your modest prom or modest wedding dress fits like a dream:

  • Especially for modest wedding dresses, lace-up or corset backs can be a huge life saver. Alterations to the bodice of a dress can be tricky (and costly). Lace-up backs all but eliminate the need for bodice alterations. This can be especially vital in the weeks right before your wedding. Many brides-to-be are unaware, but with the stress of planning for your big day and wedding jitters, brides can lose up to five pounds unintentionally in the last week before the big day. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some girls fall victim to stress eating and may gain some weight right before the wedding. Whereas in either of these scenarios having a zipper could mean extensive alterations (not to mention panic!), a lace-up back is completely accommodating.

Back of Odette Black Modest Prom Dress with Sleeves and Lace Up Back

We love lace-up backs because they provide a lovely, customized fit!

  • When in doubt, double check. If you feel like whoever took your measurements took them too loosely or too tightly, have them redone! Your custom made dress is only going to be as accurate as the measurements you submit, and while we can catch some errors, we simply can’t catch them all.

  • We strongly recommend that you have a friend, not a professional tailor measure you. If you have a professional tailor or seamstress take your measurements, please ask them not to include “ease.” Ease is an extra amount of room that is added to a garment when it is made so that you can easily move in it without it being baggy.

Don’t be deceived – other websites may ask for custom measurements, but they either clearly state that the measurements don’t mean your dress will be customized, just that they’ll be used to verify you’ve chosen the correct size; or they are based overseas and are notorious for providing garments that don’t fit well, if at all.

We know that for the big days and nights in your life – from Mormon Prom to homecoming to your wedding day – that having a beautiful dress is an essential part of you having a wonderful time and feeling comfortable and confident. Your perfect formal dress starts with accurate measurements and with our new measuring guide measuring can be easy as 1, 2, 3; so there’s no reason not to take the leap and get started on the dress of your dreams today!