Something You: Colorful Bridal Accents You’ll Love

We’ve all heard, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” but what about something you? We’re pleased to introduce three new elegant ways to to a customize your bridal look in a way that’s perfectly you!

Ombre Wedding Skirt

Pink Purple Ombre Wedding Dress Tulle Skirt

An ombre-dyed hem is a bold yet beautiful way to make your bridal look uniquely you!


If you’re looking for a little “surprise” at the hem of your wedding skirt or modest wedding dress, dip dying or “ombre” dying the hem is the perfect option!

Pink Purple Ombre Wedding Dress Tulle Skirt Hem

Shown in Blush Pink transitioning to Fuchsia and then to Grape Purple, we offer ombre (or “dip-dying”) in a veritable rainbow of colors, from Lipstick Red to Indigo, Ink Black to Ivory and everything in between! Not only are we happy to dye any one of our designs, custom or otherwise, we are also happy to dye a skirt or dress you’ve purchased elsewhere. Simply drop us a line to get started today!

Back Pink Purple Ombre Wedding Dress Ivory Tulle Skirt

“Something Blue” Bridal Slip

Something Blue Light Blue Bridal Wedding Petticoat Slip

What better way to incorporate your “something blue” than with a a subtle pop of blue underneath your modest wedding dress! We currently offer our “Something Blue” Bridal Slip in seven gorgeous colors, ranging from Sky Blue to Cobalt, but are happy to make other colors upon special request.


Something Blue Blue Bridal Wedding Tulle Petticoat Slip


Ombre Wedding Veil

Pink Ombre Dip Dyed Two Tier Wedding Veil Blusher

If you like the idea of an ombre-dyed wedding dress, but are looking for something a little more subtle, our ombre wedding veil is the perfect choice for you! Shown in Blush, ombre-dyed wedding veils provide just a kiss of color, that, on their own are a sublte and personalizing touch to any wedding ensemble. Pair them with an ombre-dyed wedding skirt or wedding dress and you’ll find your veil beautifully enhances the color on your skirt!

Pink Ombre Two Tier Wedding Veil

Pairing our ombre-dyed veil and wedding skirt together make a gorgeous, colorful combination!


Is your head swimming with other ways you’d love to customize your bridal look? Drop us a line today! We love custom work and we’d love to help bring your vision to life!