Virtuous Prom Scholarship

by Tulsi Patel


“Hey, listen! Where are you from?” a rude, young peer asked me on the bus back home.

“India” I answered.

“Well. Why don’t you go back to where you came from and not live in my country!” he yelled.

Even if I had tears in my eyes, fear in my heart, and pain in my stomach, I did not say anything. Why do people like him discriminate against harmless immigrants like me who live peacefully? What is it that makes them so incomprehensive of others peoples feelings? As I queried this question my whole life, I knew for a fact that to understand their sort of mind, I have to understand how they think and why they react the certain way that they do.

In the twenty-first century, where “I’m fine” is the answer most people give to “Are you okay?” the real feelings are never understood. Sometimes the pains of millions are ignored because no one has the knowledge necessary to understand someone’s emotional state. For me, an education in psychology will open people’s mind and create outer peace along with inner peace.

Psychology is a subject that educates us about the behaviors and minds of other people. It provides us with the knowledge to understand someone’s feelings and help them if necessary. Saying “have a nice day” to a stranger who is not smiling can make a difference. Saying “I am there for you” to a friend who has tears in their eyes can make a difference. But in order to make that difference, we first have to understand their feelings and to understand that, psychology has to be taught. Our behaviors are the result of our states of mind; understanding someone’s behavior can explain their situation without them telling you.

Teenagers today are in need of help and support. Sometimes parents are unable to understand their depressed teens’ worries and concerns because they are not educated about their states of mind and their resulting behaviors. If parents are taught about them, they will help their child if necessary and form better relationships, creating peace.

Understanding psychology can not only help teenagers but also prevent casualties. One of the reasons why certain school shootings or general shooting occurs is because no one is able to identify the anguish behind the culprits’ behavior. Psychology will teach us to understand the culprit’s behaviors, take actions, help them, find a solution. Making their life better will save many lives as a result. I know from experience. My dad was a psychology minor and he saw the pain in my face from the conservation in the beginning. He told me to never let anyone steal my smile because I am perfect and no matter what someone says about my ethnicity, I should believe in myself and be proud of who I am. Just like how psychology brought peace to my life, it can bring peace to all the others.