Simply Divine: Heavenly Must Have Beauty Products

This summer we had the pleasure of collaborating with many wonderful beauty brands for our temple and baptismal dress photo shoot. For the shoot, we aimed to create an all natural, radiant look that can be worn both for special occasions like prom, or toned down for everyday wear. So, without further ado, here are our favorite, must have beauty products!

London Lace LDS Temple Dress by White Elegance


The Base Layer

Before applying foundation, we mixed two products, Maybelline’s “Dream BB Fresh 8-IN-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector” and NYX’s “Born to Glow” liquid illuminator. The result is a base layer that not only protects your skin with essentials like SPF 30, but also evens skin tone and creates a subtle, but not overwhelming glow.

Maybelline's BB Fresh 8-in-1

Not only does BB Fresh have all-natural ingredients like pomegranate exact, it also has broad-spectrum SPF 30


Shining Tresses

Shining Tresses by Taylee's Hairstyles


To create a subtle shimmer, we used Kevin Murphy’s “Shimmer Shine” repairing and finishing shine mist. To complete the look, we applied a generous amount of Body Glitz’s Egyptian Gold shimmer powder. When done sparingly, this look is perfect for everyday wear, or, if applied more generously, it’s great for special events like prom!

Body Glitz Shimmer

Body Glitz’s shimmer is intended for skin (and works beautifully on it!), but it also doubles wonderfully as hair shimmer


Luscious Lashes

If you’re looking for absolutely heavenly, lush lashes, look no further Kupia’s all natural, organic, vegan and gluten free mascara. With Kupia, there’s absolutely no compromise between ingredients you can feel good about and a product that truly makes your lashes “pop.”

Glass Pearl Temple Bracelet

Kupia’s mascara is not only good for the environment, it also delivers great results!


The Loveliest of Lips

Appropriately named “Aphrodite’s Kiss,” Organic Crush’s all natural lip stain is one essential you’ll want to keep in your purse 24/7! This lip tint goes on like a dream, smells absolutely heavenly and can be layered for darker coverage.

Organic Crush All Natural Lip Tint

Heavenly Highlighter & Blush

For blush, we used Indigo Peace’s heavenly “Rose Gold Highlighter” mixed with their “Pretty Peach” eye shadow for extra sparkle and warmth.

Rose Gold Mineral Highlighter

Indigo Peace’s highlighter adds a beautiful, all natural glow that is both lightweight and easy to use


Enviable Eyeshadow

For eye shadow, we were fortunate enough to work with Emby Boutique, which by far has the best eye shadow we’ve ever worked with! Emby’s shadows come in a range of beautiful colors and the richness of the color is truly unbelievable!

Emby Boutique Eyeshadow


Your New Favorite Nail Polish

For a natural, yet subtly shimmering polish, we chose “PersiL .007” by Pi Colors. Not only does the polish apply beautifully and and last a long time (even without a top coat), the color is absolutely perfect for a “barely” there color that instantly makes your look more “polished!”

Gilbert Temple Cuff by Nauvoo Remembered

PI Colors provides a “barely there” shimmer that instantly adds “polish” to your look!