Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Reasons to Love Colored Wedding Dresses

1840 bridal tradition forever changed with the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. Before the Empress’ wedding, brides in Europe and European colonies simply wore their best dresses to get married in, regardless of color. For almost all brides, their best dress would have doubtlessly not been white. White after all, is quite hard to keep clean and would not have been a practical investment, especially for the most expensive dress in a woman’s closet.

Queen Victoria White Wedding Dress Prince Albert
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in their wedding attire

Ever since then, brides in the West have by and large worn white or ivory for their big day and over time these colors have come to be associated with purity, even though this was not Queen Victoria’s intention. For nearly two hundred years, a bride might raise eyebrows if she chose not to be married in a white gown – in some religious subcultures even ivory was frowned upon.

Recently, however, cultural expectations in the West have begun to shift. Whether this is an awareness of other bridal traditions or a newfound outlet for personal expression is hard to tell, but either way a new chapter of self-expression when it comes to bridal fashion is exploding.

Most commonly, blush wedding dresses have become popular, although blue gowns are not far behind.

Dusty Blue Modest Wedding Dress Long Sleeves
Our gorgeous blue modest wedding dress “Atalie”

No matter what color wedding gown you choose, whether it’s blush, blue or anything any between, a colored wedding dress is a chance to express your own individual taste.

Even better, gowns that aren’t white or ivory largely avoid “wedding tax,” i.e. the extra cost the bridal industry tends to charge for gowns simply because they are “wedding dresses” as opposed to “formal gowns.”

Whatever wedding gown you choose, we hope most of all that it’s an expression of your personality – whether it’s a traditional color like white or something uniquely you!