The Easy Modesty of Lizzy Slips

In the past, we’ve shared with you our favorite modesty slips, but when it comes to making our modest gowns perfectly modest we have a clear favorite: Lizzy Slips by Betsy Couture.


Lizzy Slip Betsy Couture

Lizzy Slips are the absolute perfect modesty solution!


This year, we’ve introduced a few styles that, while mostly modest, do feature some degree of unlined areas. For some, these features won’t challenge their modesty standards, but for those for whom it will, we wanted to make sure we provided a modesty solution.


Black Hunter Green Modest Prom Dresses Lace Sleeves

For many, our “Maria” gown is a perfectly modest gown, but we understand that the unlined shoulders would compromise the modesty standards of some.


So, we’ve teamed up with Betsy Couture to bring you their fabulous Lizzy Slip at a discounted price (be sure to use discount code Virtuous Prom 10 for 10% off!). Why did we ultimately choose Lizzy Slips over other modest slips? There are a few key reasons why:

  • Lizzy Slips are made from luxe European microfiber that’s silky, lightweight and feels nearly weightless and not at all bulky.
  • These fantastic slips come in the widest range of colors available in a modest slip, ensuring that they’ll be closer to your skin color than most modesty slips.
  • Unlike every other modesty slip we’ve come across, Lizzy Slips feature a raw edge. Initially, the raw edge seemed like an undesirable option. Now that we’re better acquainted with these wonderful slips, we see the genius in the raw edge. Far from signaling that this slip is unfinished, the raw edge is absolutely brilliant because you can easily tailor it to your specific dress, especially the sleeves.


Cream Black Modest Prom Dresses Back Beading

Although the back is unlined, we just couldn’t pass up offering you this gorgeous gown, in part because the Lizzy Slip provides such an easy modesty solution.


We hope you enjoy Lizzy Slips as much as we have. Be sure to check them out on Instagram @lizzyslip to see how brilliantly these slips work under modest wedding dresses and gowns of all shapes and sizes!