Thoughts from the (Latest) Lockdown

This past Valentine’s Day gave me a lot of time to think about last year, from the blissful naivete in late 2019 to the oppressive boredom and loneliness that seem to saturate every second of every day in 2020.

There’s no doubt that Covid has upended domains of life we thought inviolable, from our toilet paper to our educations. Covid is so much more than any of us could of foreseen and perhaps that is one small blessing amongst what increasingly feels like a never-ending train wreck.

Although we can look at this current pandemic as a scourge – and it most definitely is for so many families – I would argue that we can also look at our current international, cross-cultural, trans-generational, global reality as an opportunity for increased community and a chance to hit the reset button and choose a more positive, meaningful relationship with each other and nature. For, even as we have been isolated and quarantined in our homes, afraid of what the future may hold, we have essentially been going through the same experience together.

Whether you’re in an apartment in Rio De Jeneiro or a cabin in Siberia, we have all shared in witnessing the ubiquity of face masks and social distancing, and, no matter what language you speak, the word “Covid” undoubtedly evokes the same frustrations, fears and disappointments in us all. Certainly not since World War II has the world come so close to experiencing something so universal.

So, while our global pandemic has not been a positive experience in any sense of the word, it can be argued that it ought to be a unifying experience. Today, more than ever, is the time we need to reach out to one another, extending grace and friendship as we do.

And while we’re reaching out, I would also encourage you that now is also the moment to hit reset. In the past decade we’ve not only increasingly become isolated from each other, we’ve also increasingly become disconnected from nature and gorged ourselves on consumerism.

In between our Netflix binges we need to find time for introspection and become empowered by the things we are able to control, such choosing to nourish our bodies instead of just eating, deeply communicating with each other instead of just texting, and all in all choosing purposefulness over convenience.

One of the things that has been so demoralizing during the pandemic has been the loss on control we feel over our own lives. As vaccines roll out and this situation begins to dawn, let’s take stock of what we can control.

Have you been wishing for greater communication with your loved ones? What about writing a letter or a card?

Have you long been convicted over fast fashion? Seek out companies that produce clothing responsibly without exploiting nature or their workers?

Whatever change you’ve dreamed of affecting in your life, take advantage of the time you have now. Be contemplative. Be purposeful. Culture goodness in your life and in yourself – now is the time to become in earnest the person you want to be and to live the life you yearn for.