Too Cute: Two-Tone Wedding Gowns

Ever since Jessa Duggar wore a blush pink, Allure wedding gown for her big day, we’ve seen more brides ditching traditional white and ivory gowns in favor of something a little more “now.” Generally, it’s wise to avoid wedding trends (think mom’s oh so 80’s puffed sleeve wedding dress), but in this instance, Jessa’s choice has opened the door to a trend that is both fun and classy: two-tone wedding dresses!

Jessa Duggar Blush Pink Modest Wedding Dress

Jessa Duggar trying on her blush pink wedding dress

While wearing a pink wedding gown may be too unconventional for many brides, two-tone wedding gowns can look traditional while still having a modern edge. Whether you’re pairing ivory and white together or looking for something a bit bolder, here are some modest wedding gowns that are both trendy and  traditional.

Ivory & White

Our modest gown Alexandra pairs ivory and white together for a fresh look that makes the gorgeous lace applique pop. From a distance this stunning gown looks traditional, but up close its modern two-tone design is sure to add elegance and interest to your bridal look.

Alexandra Tznius Ivory & White Modest Wedding Dress with Sleeves

From a distance, this gorgeous gown looks white, but up close the white lace applique pops on the ivory tulle background!

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Alexandra Tznius White Ivory Lace Modest Wedding Dress

What better way to show off the lace of your choice than with an ivory and white wedding gown?

Sand & White

Another beautiful two-tone choice is white lace over “sand” colored satin. Like white lace over ivory, this pairing also accentuates the lace’s beautiful details. Our gorgeous wedding dress Anne features this fresh color combination and is sure to make a splash on your big day!

Anne Tznius Champagne White Lace Modest Wedding Dress Eiffel Tower Close Up

White lace over sand is another beautiful way to accentuate the lace on your gown

Blush & Ivory

Looking for a more unique and modern option? Our two-piece wedding dress McKenzie pairs blush sequins with a full, ivory tulle skirt. This glamorous pairing is a great way to rock the two-tone trend, while opting for a modern design.

Our modest wedding dress McKenzie is a gorgeous, modern take on the two-tone trend!

Love what you see? Here’s a link to our measuring guide! Love what you see but have something different in mind? We love custom work and are happy to help you design the dress of your dreams! So, drop us a line today – we’d love to hear from you!